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dc.contributor.authorAmar, E. C.
dc.contributor.authorCheong, Ronald M. T.
dc.contributor.authorCheong, M. V. T.
dc.identifier.citationAmar, E. C., Cheong, R. M. T., & Cheong, M. V. T. (1996). Small-scale fisheries of coral reefs and the need for community-based resource management in Malalison Island, Philippines. Fisheries Research, 25(3–4), 265–277.en
dc.description.abstractFish landings in Malalison Island in the west central Philippines were monitored from February 1991 to January 1992 to determine the types of fishing gear employed, the predominant species caught, the catch per unit effort (CPUE), and the yield from the coral reefs. Fishing was monitored only during the spring tide periods, after a preliminary sampling showed no significant differences among four lunar phases. A total of 494 fishing operations was recorded. CPUE (kg per fisher h−1) by gear was 1.1 for spear guns, 1.4 for spear guns with compressor, 0.4 for set gill nets, 2.4 for drive-in gill nets, 1.2 for drift gill nets, and 0.7 for hook-and-lines. The CPUEs of Malalison gears are similar to those of other coral reef fisheries. Dominant species caught were fusiliers and surgeonfishes by gill net. surgeonfishes by spear gun, and snappers and groupers by hook-and-line. The fish yield from the Malalison coral reefs was estimated to be 5.8 t km−2 year−1, which is low, and similar to overexploited. reefs in the Philippines and elsewhere. Live coral cover averages 35% in Malalison. Reef degradation, high fishing effort, low yields, and the poverty of the fishing community suggest ‘Malthusian over-fishing’. Community based management and resource enhancement are being initiated by the SEAF-DEC Aquaculture Department to protect and sustain the fishery and improve the economy in Malalison Island.en
dc.subjectCommunity-based resource managementen
dc.titleSmall-scale fisheries of coral reefs and the need for community-based resource management in Malalison Island, Philippinesen
dc.citation.journalTitleFisheries Researchen
dc.subject.asfaartisanal fishingen
dc.subject.asfacatch compositionen
dc.subject.asfasmall-scale fisheriesen
dc.subject.asfacoral reefsen
dc.subject.asfafishery managementen
dc.subject.asfafishing gearen
dc.subject.asfareef fisheriesen

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