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dc.contributor.authorChaudhuri, Hiralal
dc.contributor.authorJuario, Jesus V.
dc.contributor.authorSamson, R.
dc.contributor.authorTiro, Leonardo B.
dc.identifier.citationChaudhuri, H., Juario, J.V., Samson, R., & Tiro, L.B. (1976). Notes on the external sex characters of Chanos chanos (Forskal) spawners. Fisheries Research Journal of the Philippines, 1(2):76-85.en
dc.description.abstractIn the present study, no visible differences between the sexes of C. chanos with reference to external features such as colouration, shape of head, snout and operculum, presence of tubercles or nasal pores, length, size and shape as well as any roughness in the various fins, could be found. However, the anal region of the mature milkfish (sabalo) exhibits discernible anatomical differences in the male and female. The male has two main openings visible externally: the anterior anus and the posterior urogenital opening at the tip of the urogenital papilla. The female has three main openings instead of two: the anteriormost anus, followed by the genital pore and the urinary pore located posterior to the genital pore at the tip of the urogenital papilla. Internal examinations were also made on both sexes. In ripe sabalo, it is easier to distinguish the sexes since milk oozes out of the urogenital pore by pressing the abdomen of the ripe male fish. Gravid females are identified by their distended abdomens.en
dc.publisherFisheries Research Society of the Philippinesen
dc.subjectSexual dimorphismen
dc.subjectSeed collectionsen
dc.subjectFish cultureen
dc.subjectChanos chanos
dc.titleNotes on the external sex characters of Chanos chanos (Forskal) spawnersen
dc.citation.journalTitleFisheries Research Journal of the Philippinesen
dc.subject.scientificNameChanos chanos

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