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dc.contributor.authorWalton, M. J.
dc.contributor.authorCowey, C. B.
dc.contributor.authorColoso, Relicardo M.
dc.contributor.authorAdron, J. W.
dc.identifier.citationWalton, M. J., Cowey, C. B., Coloso, R. M., & Adron, J. W. (1986). Dietary requirements of rainbow trout for tryptophan, lysine and arginine determined by growth and biochemical measurements. Fish Physiology and Biochemistry, 2(1-4), 161-169.en
dc.description.abstractThree separate studies were performed to determine the dietary requirements of rainbow troutSalmo gairdneri for tryptophan (Trp), lysine (Lys) and arginine (Arg) from both growth and biochemical data. The growth studies were carried out over a 12 week period. From graphical plots of % mean weight gain against % amino acid in diet the following requirement values were obtained, Trp 0.25% diet (0.4% dietary crude protein); Lys 1.9% diet (4.3% dietary protein); and Arg 1.6–1.8% diet (3.6–4% dietary protein). Plasma and liver amino acid concentrations measured 20h after feeding did not prove useful for determination of requirement values. Hepatic activities of Trp pyrrolase (TP), Lys α ketoglutarate reductase (LKGR) and arginase were not significantly affected by varying levels of Trp, Lys and Arg respectively in the diet. TP has a cytosolic location and a Km of 0.2 mM for Trp; LKGR is mitochondrial and the Km for Lys is 7.3 mM; arginase is also mitochondrial and has a Km of 4.9 mM for arginine. Measurements of expired14CO2, after injection of a tracer dose of14C amino acid, did allow estimates of requirement levels to be made. The values obtained from the oxidation studies reinforced the values obtained from the growth data but were not precise enough to justify using this method on its own.en
dc.publisherSpringer Verlagen
dc.subjectSalmo gairdneri
dc.subjectRainbow trouten
dc.subjectDietary requirementsen
dc.titleDietary requirements of rainbow trout for tryptophan, lysine and arginine determined by growth and biochemical measurementsen
dc.citation.journalTitleFish Physiology and Biochemistryen

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