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dc.contributor.authorTriño, Avelino T.
dc.contributor.authorBolivar, Ma. Edna C.
dc.identifier.citationTrino, A. T., & Bolivar, M. E. C. (1993). Effect of stocking density and feed on the growth and survival of sea bass fry Lates Calcarifer (Bloch). International Journal of Tropical Agriculture, 11(3), 163-167.en
dc.description.abstractThe effect of two levels of stocking density (5 and 7 m-2) and the two types of feed [trash fish only (TF), and a mixed feed (MF) (mixture of 25% trash fish and 75% commercial pelleted feed)] on the growth, apparent food conversion ratio (FCR) and survival of the thirty-day old sea bass fry were investigated. The fry were stocked in 144 m2 earthen ponds and reared for 45 days. The result showed that, in general, the lower density increased but the MF decreased the survival, specific growth rate (SGR) and FCR of sea bass fry. Statistically, there was no significant effect of treatments on survival, whereas SGR and FCR affected differently. With TF, both were higher at 5 m-2 and lower at 7 m-2. With MF, SGR was higher at 5 m-2 than at 7 m-2 and the FCR was most efficient at 5 m-2 than at 7 m-2. There was no interaction between the type of feed and the stocking density. For the efficient utilization of feed, the TF+5 m-2 treatment was the best for rearing seabass to fingerlings.en
dc.publisherVidya International Pub.en
dc.subjectsea bassen
dc.subjectLates calcariferen
dc.titleEffect of stocking density and feed on the growth and survival of sea bass fry Lates Calcarifer (Bloch)en
dc.citation.journalTitleInternational Journal of Tropical Agricultureen
dc.subject.asfagrowth rateen
dc.subject.asfafeed conversion efficiencyen
dc.subject.asfafish larvaeen
dc.subject.asfafish cultureen
dc.subject.asfastocking densityen
dc.subject.asfafeeding experimentsen
dc.subject.scientificNameLates calcariferen

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