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dc.contributor.authorDeocampo, Joel E., Jr.
dc.contributor.authorFenol, Jehannie T.
dc.contributor.authorYerro, Edda Brenda S.
dc.contributor.authorPakingking, Rolando V., Jr.
dc.contributor.authorCaipang, Christopher Marlowe
dc.identifier.citationDeocampo Jr., J. E., Fenol, J. T., Yerro, E. B. S., Pakingking, R., & Caipang, C. M. (2021). Biofloc technology (BFT): A promising approach for the intensive production of ornamental fish. Poeciliid Research, 11(1), 18-24.en
dc.description.abstractBiofloc technology (BFT) is an approach in the rearing of fish and shrimp as a means to support intensive culture, maintain optimum water quality, recycle the nutrients and reduce feed costs. The technology is primarily based on the principle of recycling nitrogenous wastes into microbial biomass that can be assimilated by the cultured animals as feeds or facilitates in maintaining good water quality. The rearing of larvae and juveniles of ornamental fish is confronted with issues on low survival rate, poor water quality and high incidence of diseases. These problems can be mitigated through the use of biofloc technology. From a number of studies reviewed, BFT offers a viable approach in ensuring sustainable production of ornamental fish. The benefits of using this technology include enhancement of water quality by reducing the levels of nitrogenous wastes, efficient feed conversion resulting in better growth and reduction in production costs and better immune response that will enable the fish to have higher resistance against infectious diseases.en
dc.description.sponsorshipThis work was partly supported by the University of San Agustin Professorial Chair Research Grant titled, “Gut Microbiome: A Potential Source of Probiotic Candidates for Ornamental Fish” awarded to CMA Caipang. The authors of this paper gratefully acknowledge the support provided by their respective institutions: the University of San Agustin and SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department during the preparation of the manuscript.en
dc.publisherBioflux (Bioflux SRL)en
dc.subjectnutrient recyclingen
dc.titleBiofloc technology (BFT): A promising approach for the intensive production of ornamental fishen
dc.citation.journalTitlePoeciliid Researchen
dc.subject.asfabiofloc technologyen
dc.subject.asfaornamental fishesen
dc.subject.asfawater qualityen
dc.subject.asfanutrient cyclesen

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