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  • Aquaculture governance: Five engagement arenas for sustainability transformation 

    Partelow, Stefan; Asif, Furqan; Béné, Christophe; Bush, Simon ORCID; Manlosa, Aisa; Nagel, Ben; Schlüter, Achim; Chadag, Vishnumurthy Mohan; Choudhury, Afrina; Cole, Steven; Cottrell, Richard; Gelcich, Stefan; Gentry, Rebecca; Gephart, Jessica; Glaser, Marion; Johnson, Teresa R.; Jonell, Malin; Krause, Geshe; Kunzmann, Andreas; Kuehnhold, Holger; Little, David Colin; Marschke, Melissa; Mizuta, Darien D.; Paramita, Adiska Octa; Pin, Nie; Salayo, Nerissa D.; Stentiford, Grant; Stoll, Joshua S.; Troell, Max; Turchini, Giovanni (Elsevier, 2023-12)
    A greater focus on governance is needed to facilitate effective and substantive progress toward sustainability transformations in the aquaculture sector. Concerted governance efforts can help move the sector beyond fragmented ...
  • SEAFDEC Newsletter Vol.46 No.3 

    SEAFDEC, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (Secretariat, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, 2023-11)
    In the third quarter of 2023, SEAFDEC conducted various notable events and one of them was the “Third Regional Technical Consultation on Fishery Statistics and Information in Southeast Asia” where the revision of the ...
  • Black tiger shrimp revival program stepping up at AQD 

    Aquaculture Department, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center (Secretariat, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, 2023-11)
    As a highlight of its 50th anniversary, the SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department (AQD) inaugurated its new Black Tiger Shrimp Broodstock Facility in Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines on 3 July 2023. The biosecure facility was built ...
  • AQD Matters 2023 July - August 

    Armada, Nyra G. (Aquaculture Department, Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center, 2023-10)
    In this issue: 1) SEAFDEC/AQD's new facilities to boost milkfish, shrimp production; 2) Chief Baliao graces bilateral talk between PH, Papua New Guinea; 3) Executive Committee members engage in dialogue at global aquaculture ...
  • Comparison of reproductive aspects of the tropical eel Anguilla bicolor (McClelland 1884) in freshwater and estuarine habitats 

    Rachmawati, Farida Nur; Susilo, Untung; Aya, Frolan (Marine Science Department, Diponegoro University, 2023-09-07)
    The tropical anguillid eel, Anguilla bicolor McClelland, experiences significant growth up to the adult size in both freshwater and estuarine ecosystems, encountering salinity gradients that may impact their reproduction. ...

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